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Do you own more than one car and would like to keep an exact record of their consumption, mileage, etc.? Now you can do that and much more.

Car Trak is a management tool of your car's details that allows you to keep track of all information and react accordingly to improve your car's performance and save money on gas.

The most interesting options are the gas consumption reports, where you can see detailed information on the history of refuelling and the time and distance travelled. Here, you can also see a graph showing the relationship between refuelling and the distance travelled based on the last ten refuels. This will be extremely useful to program future refuelling and save on gas.

If you wish to have all the updated information regarding your vehicle, in addition to saving money on gas, Car Trak will allow you to do so in the simplest possible way.

Functional during a 30 day period.

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